Beaston Biography Photo

Unique is what defines this musician to the core. Why is he one of the most sought after drummers in country, dare I even say….world? It’s pretty simple once you hear him come alive behind a drum set. The story he tells through his sticks will leave you riddled with emotions you didn’t even think existed!
Ok….back to the “unique” thing. You’ve heard it a thousand times right? So what makes him so special? For starters, you don’t emerge with a nationally recognized name from South Bend, IN. It just doesn’t happen. But Brent, “Beaston” as he’s affectionately called, defied these odds and is very well known around the industry. At age 12, he was trained by Motown legend Billy “Stix” Nicks (Jr Walker and the Allstars). From the early days of pots and pans on the kitchen floor, to playing in front of thousands on a regular basis, it’s pretty safe to say this destiny.
But….how? In 2004, he saw his proverbial “way out,” and he took it, and he never looked back.
Guitar Center, a national chain music store managed to find its way to this little town in Indiana Brent calls home. Unbeknownst to him, they just so happen to be the host of the nation’s BIGGEST drum competition. So naturally, he entered the competition. He began to advance further, and further, until he found himself at the finals in Los Angeles, CA, beating out 3,000 drummers nationwide! Unfortunately he came up just a few votes short, becoming the runner-up ( as if that’s anything to frown about.) He may not have won the competition, but the competition EASILY put this young phenom on radar, and made him a nationally recognized musician seemingly overnight!
Almost immediately upon returning to Indiana, he caught the attention of J.Moss, a national gospel recording artist and producer. Moss’ roots come from the family of the legendary Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and Grammy award winning group The Clark sisters. He still tours with J. Moss up to this very day, and has built quite the impressive and extremely versatile resume for himself. Some of his credits include (but are not limited to) Stellar and Dove Award winners Ricky Dillard, Myron Butler,  Kierra Sheard, Kurt Carr, and Marvin Sapp. He’s also had the honor of sharing the stage and playing for Grammy Award winners Fred Hammond and Kim Burrell!
Remember that versatility we spoke of? Brent has since shed the notion he’s only capable of playing in one genre when he began touring with Pure Star Movement, a rock band he and his brother helped helped form. With them, he’s graced the stage and opened for Grammy winners and nominees Pj Morton (Maroon 5), Fireflight, Chevelle, Evans Blue and Trapt…..to name a few. He’s also currently playing for violinist Lee England, Jr.
Brent has toured all over the world, including Africa, London, Bermuda, Cayman Islands…….and has been featured in magazine articles, which include Modern Drummer, Drum magazine, and Fireworks (London). There is no “stop” in his vocabulary and if you ask him, he’s just warming up! It’s very possible to catch him in your city at any giving clinic to mold young minds, or blazing a show with one of the talented artists mentioned above! Experience the sound, the beat, the brand of BEaston!

“Keep a positive attitude on and off the stage. Every gig counts. No matter how big or small the audience, always play from your heart. When you do, there’s no telling how far you can go”.